Have you done something for anyone without your name remembered? Was it something profound to that person, or would you have known that? Were you recognized later, or were you vaguely memorialized with or without your awareness? With scandals seemingly emerging one after another, sometimes the hidden and not so hidden deeds done with good intentions are brushed aside in favour of the scandalous.

And here I saw a longed, shaded divine
Hear that? The Bride Lady is weeping, is weeping
A polished companion and fields to dine,
My Lady is searching, is searching.

She’s paused in her walk through my glittering aisle
The Bride Lady is mending, is mending
An altar steals my eyes; burnt finger, smile!
My Lady is standing, is standing.

Welts for my ignorance, light-flung Latin’s chime
The Bride Lady is speaking, is speaking.
“Would you, my guest, take in your style?”
My Lady is sending, is sending.

This is one of tasks the Bridegroom asks Her to do
Sending, and sending
My will to arrogance, and with feud
Keep calling; seize calling.

I’ve a confession to make. Revelation was a book I disliked immensely before tackling this topic. Orality studies reminds me that even if we tried to trace to the original context, what’s a thing to think about is how the experience could move and shift — hence one of performance criticism’s contributions to biblical studies. Something […]