Current status: Characters created, plot concept in-development. @June 28/2017.

Aikatsu Stars!: Rekandelys!! dxProject


AIKATSU STARS! 2016-ongoing anime adaptation by BN Pictures; 2016-ongoing arcade game by Bandai’s Data Carddass.

Rekandelys!! dxProject is derivative fiction, holding no representation nor association with Sunrise or Bandai. Original characters and plot concepts are mine. “Hitomi” is inspired by Force of Will‘s “Titania, Prideful Queen;” I hold no representation nor association with FORCE OF WILL Co.,Ltd.

This is a work of fanfiction and fanart under my direction, and should not be assumed equal to the originals or to canon.

Hiraku forms claraBUN. Their rival, TOSS the STaRS, emerges soon after.

He hears idols’ whispering, “Goddess of the Stage.” The Aikatsu System behaving in strange ways, as if self-automated.

He continues to listen for Her softly spoken promise ~ “I’m your faint star. You can wish upon me.”

claraBUN :: protagonist unit

“Four bunnygirls, coming into our own. We’ll have fun as you watch our show!”

Four Buns
Saki, Hitomi, Sayaka, Akemi.

Sayaka :: sexy

Sayaka’s outward skills aren’t as impressive as her teammates, yet she’s the eldest of the main group and fiercely protected by everyone. She can be overwhelmed by her empathy, requiring huggles or a flop to recover. Serene, yes, but can display a humorous angle.

Akemi :: cute

Akemi is quick to please. She’s the biggest attraction for her unit. Off-stage, she’s very quiet and has an air of melancholy. Once a practice or public appearance is over, she’s first to retreat and hide. claraBUN takes care to give her space when she needs to withdraw into herself.

Hitomi :: cool

Hitomi takes shit from nobody. Her wrath could be potential for legend. Brave, bold and takes care not to push advantage due to her strength of character. While her conversational tone can seem like boredom, she’s an excellent observer.

Saki :: pop

Saki alternates through childish, sarcastic, and affectionate modes. Most likely to punch a wayward fan in the face, though to date she hasn’t actually done so. At least, Hiraku hopes that she doesn’t have a delinquent’s record.

TOSS the STaRS :: antagonist unit

“Darkness and light, reunite! Toss the stars that mar our night!”

Toss the Stars
Tear, Crest, Tide, Claw.

Crest :: cute

Crest is the unit’s claim to fame. Particularly critical, yet can be maternal and/or childlike as well. Loves rabbits, can be spotted giving out bunny shaped treats.

Claw :: sexy

Claw is a dedicated fan of claraBUN. Despite her struggles with group dynamics, she finds most enjoyment being close to her unit mates.

Tide :: cool

Tide is thought to have reclusive tendencies and appears unassuming. Bears a commanding air by choice; frequently doted upon by animals.

Tear :: pop

Tear projects a Rebel Brother attitude, but is quickest to flee from intense confrontations. Has depth despite his flash.

Ocean’s Vicinity :: support unit

“Waves come, and waves go. Upon the shore their passage flows.”

Mei & Hiraku :: cool & sexy

Mei and Hiraku.

Cool-type Mei lost her passion for Aikatsu, and sexy-type Hiraku has an intimate understanding of the Aikatsu System.

A husband-and-wife idol team withdrawn from the performance arena, but work to encourage growth and development of Aikatsu.



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