Current status: Project to renew.

There comes a time when the glitter and glow of daily life is harder to find. There’s a moment when your childhood became fantastical, and your adolescence turned satirical.

Three university kids. One college woman. A once-valedictorian. The former school idol. That unfulfilled instructor. This reticent high schooler.

They’re asking a question. They’re seeking an answer: “Hey. Do you believe this world, too, is still beautiful?”

Short compositions, concept play: June-July 2018

She recounts rainbows | Sly kinda, lover | Just adding a little tradition

Older versions

The question has become: “Now what?”
Indeed. The answer to that is, and has been:
“That’s a choice.”

Incomplete and unfinished attempts. Some editing was done, but these chapters/acts are considered drafts. In no way are these canonical nor set. I believe sharing the shaping of a story is valuable. Please refer to this site’s information for further referencing and attribution instructions.

Celestial Institute, a boarding school for adults, is located on the fabled world of Terra. Only those chosen by the Shining One may enter. People of all walks of life come here to hone their gifts and effect positive change. The newest recruit is Meissa, a young woman anticipating the future.

She becomes fast friends with Nadir, a man with little self-confidence whose guardian is the powerful Zenith. Upon the school throne stands Alhena, the Shining One herself. Backing them is the Acolyte of Archangels. Becoming entangled in Celestial Institute’s inner workings, Meissa knows that everyone has purpose, and her light shines the brightest of them all.


Script, draft: March-June 2017

Act One | Act Two

Version one, draft: November 2015 – June 2017

Life | Death | “Okay, so I died, what now?” | Affectionate Obsessive | Ad astra per aspera | Equivalence and Equality | Milky Way’s Chimaera | Revolutionary’s Toss | Wisdom and Arrogance | Summoner Camarade | Flare Personae

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