Welcome to Kiyaka’s progress update area!

For most self-insert/custom protagonist games, I style my avatar/Main Character as close to some representation of the console I’m using. Kiyaka is my PS Vita Slim, and Arai is my New Nintendo 3DS (XL?).

Moon and Andrei wish that I could do “Let’s Play!” style videos, alas y’all gotta deal with my ramblings and I may write reviews to be linked here. Maybe. Those two request reviews on the regular so maybe. I love my evil dynamic duo, hahaha. ;3

Current playthroughs

Bachelor/ettes in alphabetical order. Nicknames are a working list for my amusement’s sake, as I play their routes. Strikethroughs are completed routes.

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

Main Character: Yukimura Kiyaka – Daddy’s Little Girl, BFP (Best Forever Page)

Hijikata Toshizo: Hardass
Hajime Saito: Tunasong
Harada Sanosuke
Iba Hachiro: Princeling
Kazama Chikage: Binchface
Sanan Keisuke
Sakamoto Ryouma
Nagakura Shinpachi
Souma Kazue: Chibisquisher
Yamazaki Susumu
Toudou Heisuke
Okita Souji: Cufflace


Fate / Grand Order
Fire Emblem: Fates – Birthright
Norn9: Var Commons
Persona 4 Golden


Fire Emblem: Awakening
Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi
Period Cube: ~Shackles of Amadeus~

Game on, folks. Game on. ;D