I’ve a confession to make. Revelation was a book I disliked immensely before tackling this topic. Orality studies reminds me that even if we tried to trace to the original context, what’s a thing to think about is how the experience could move and shift — hence one of performance criticism’s contributions to biblical studies. Something […]

Tertiary education is for developing, engaging, and fostering awareness, knowledge, skills, and critical analytical techniques in ALL facets of life. The goal is not to mass produce detached scholars, nor scholars founded in psychological reactivity designed to facilitate sociolegal ambition(s).

With an attention-grabbing title, Marc Zvi Brettler’s How to Read the Jewish Bible [1] demands a potential reader’s sympathy to a form of literary analytical process described as the historical-critical method when engaging the Bible. [2] As an organized approach, [3] this method was subject to unfavourable discourse over the course of its development. [4] Brettler appeals to readers with […]