Faint moons light droplets
Crisp and brisk. See your call.
Tendrils uncoiling the feather’s sheath.
Snow roses strained and toil;
Turned their falls,
Ushering wisps and suns.

Gurgling, bubbling dews. Frothy clouds and mosaic mists.
That verdant shaft beams fro and toward.

“I dreamed this.”

— Oh? What did You dream?

“I dreamed these.”

— Wrestle with glances, coy Your thoughts be.

Begone, your doubts, to how you’ve seen
Come, lead before us
Your Dream glimpses keen.

Fire so lovely, lighten one’s sheen

— “I’m warmed here tonight. Tomorrow’s Your dreams.”

Why must you spend your aching nights, contemplating this caged bird, chirping gaily? You say, “He sings to be freed.” She replied, as she murmurs beyond your sight, “He sings to remind me. I, too, will be home.”

Aren’t you cute. Poking through the books in this shop, so shy, incredibly timid, aren’t you? You want to check out the new release, don’t you? Just ask those university kids to step out of your way. But no, you’re too polite. It’s why I’m not telling you who I am. Yeah, I’m your bestie […]