Last updated: November 21st, 2017.

Commenters, respondents, and any who wish to contact me must compose in English. This is my requirement for comment and feedback forms. The chosen language for my website is Canadian English. I am under no obligation to permit visibility nor am I forced to reply to any feedback that is not readable by my sole efforts. I refuse to be coerced into reliance upon machine translation or tax my resources to respond or entertain persons unable to give due respect towards me, the webmistress of Snowbunny, as content provider and paying owner of my domain.

Disclaimers, Limitations of Response

I do not hold any authority to dispense services that are under the legislative powers of Colleges and Associations. The nature of my paraprofessional designations cannot be called upon for jurisdictions outside their immediate realms of influence, In other words, I cannot be solicited for legal, medical, or financial advice.

Practice Policy

My work as a …

  • Paraprofessional (see About for a listing of my recognized certifications)
  • Freelance contributor/collaborator
  • Authoress/Writer
  • Consultant (pro bono or otherwise)
  • Advocate/Activist/Patroness/Volunteer

… is not open for requests/offers via Snowbunny. As a personal blog and privately owned + registered, these communications may be considered an act of willful + knowing trespass.

If I choose to take on clientele or offer my services via e-business, it will not be facilitated via Snowbunny. This site is a web log (i.e., blog), not a commercial venture. Should I pursue work through electronic means, I will provide a link on the About page. Neither this form nor comment functions are permissible for requests.

My standard recommendation is to select a person whom you feel can serve as a guide – this does not always imply warm and fuzzy feelings, for growth requires effort on the part of yourself as the client and on the part of the one who is taking on the guiding role.

Confidentiality, Consent

If you would like to reach me directly without initial public visibility, please do take a moment to complete the contact form below. Unless this is a perfect opportunity to make s’mores or I choose not to respond, I will reply as I am able. Contact in this manner will not be shared publicly unless I perceive the implications a necessity under ethical and/or legal responsibilities. Otherwise, I may ask for consent to repost along with our collaborated guidelines of identity preservation if such consent is explicitly given to me in verbal form.

Your Acknowledgment

Your completion of this form signals to me that you have at least read all of that. If something is unclear or requires more explanation, please do let me know with this form.