Heh. I’m over here with the crystals, chuckling at Othin spilling water over his customer. Just ask the redhead to move. He’s not gonna bite you, Himeko. Zenith is softer than he seems, most of the time. Don’t expect me to poke the guy for you. You want our game, don’t you?

Heh, isn’t she nervous. At supper, no less. The scenery shifts and bends in reply, a ray of light filters into the banquet hall. Telling her to relax would worsen the dread she’s feeling. I arrange myself at ease, peace in my calm as she inwardly frets, panicking – as if she believes I take no […]

Hey, hey you. I’m your companion. Remember me? My name is Freedom. I remember the day we met. You were a baby. You reached for me in worlds unseen, meeting my gaze. I was near to you, and the day you could grasp my mane was my sheer delight. I refused to imagine that you […]

We’re already on the cobblestone bridge set with flagstones. Behind us is the ivory tower,  a whitish cream, seemingly pleasant pretty birdcage. Ahead of us is the iron tower, an ugly torture prison of black with some reds. There’s a huge gate blocking the entrance to the iron tower. A crowd dressed in white, so […]

Me cloaked in black, a casket being held and carried by others. Included in this procession were three in front, four in the back. I was kept to the rear with guards encircling me. They kept close watch though apprehensive about being too close to me. Walking through sands into an oasis. Crossed a black-red […]

There is no island city. No cataclysm of waters and storms, just these guardian winds. Dremael, the centre-world, where the Timekeeper Amatialle alone knew its passageways. Where I would search under the inky sky, a sky devoid of light, alit by fireflies. And this realm fell into a frozen eternity. It was my world, always […]

Sea of deep, ocean blue and green
This shadowed plane between eternity
Why am I wearing this soft white dress
Why is your hair tied high and swinging in the wind?

You, angel, of solitude and tears
You’re not alone, don’t you fear
Isn’t that why you called me here?

Offer me aegis, offer me protection
Save my wings from crystallization

Hold to your promise, please be true
Come and ask for my answer
At the full moon.

Searching for you, searching for you
Wherever I go!
The one place I haven’t looked
Was within my soul

You, angel, of solitude and tears
You’re not alone, don’t you fear
For that is why you called me here.

—October 9th, 2014.

You said, “The sky is weeping.” A dream of God is merely that, a dream. Try as I might, my tears bear witness. I don’t know who you are anymore. A familiar face, a familiar touch Everything should be all right. Yet in my heart I know We’ve both changed. God willed for the sea […]