I decided I didn’t want chemistry. Art’s more me, I figured. Who cared for tradition, not me. I’d create a new me, a new path. I’d become a trailblazer. So what if it’s lonely. I’d sit in a hall of fame someday. I’d find a writer, illustrate her stories into light novels. Make my own […]

Aren’t you cute. Poking through the books in this shop, so shy, incredibly timid, aren’t you? You want to check out the new release, don’t you? Just ask those university kids to step out of your way. But no, you’re too polite. It’s why I’m not telling you who I am. Yeah, I’m your bestie […]

Red. Not too much red in this shop. It depends on the shades, luminosity, not only the hue. It’s exquisite. There’s other colours abound here. Maybe if I sit at a table and chair here, I can pretend it’s a desk. Maybe in a classroom, in a large lofty tower, rising to amazing heights. Dizzying […]

Sleeping with the Earth rested my body in ways I didn’t think were opened to me. Heaven’s dew in the risen morning light coalesces into my body’s sweat, drops slipping down my skin as the dawn’s wind passes through and over me. This day will be heated. I hear my companions below, urging me to go. […]

Heh, isn’t she nervous. At supper, no less. The scenery shifts and bends in reply, a ray of light filters into the banquet hall. Telling her to relax would worsen the dread she’s feeling. I arrange myself at ease, peace in my calm as she inwardly frets, panicking – as if she believes I take no […]

Hey, hey you. I’m your companion. Remember me? My name is Freedom. I remember the day we met. You were a baby. You reached for me in worlds unseen, meeting my gaze. I was near to you, and the day you could grasp my mane was my sheer delight. I refused to imagine that you […]

Upon reaching the front entrance of the tent, she was blocked by an admission gate. It stood inside its entrance, inside the open fabric arch that would lead further in. The gate itself was in a state of disrepair. The metal was stained, rusted, and bent in various places. It almost seemed as though no one had come to visit it in a long time.