I write because … This world, too, is beautiful. I look through old photographs. There’s me, a little girl-child with a curious visage. She’s not faraway, not ethereal, not cold. Distant, yet present. On her island birthplace, she’s not that noticeable unless she finds the sweets and takes what she can. With her body requiring […]

What you perceive as your greatest weaknesses are a doorway to your greatest abilities. The key must fit inside the lock, turn it and create a change in the lock’s pattern before the door can be opened. Creation at its heart must not be limited, the very act of creation demands to be free, unrestricted, without boundaries. You see the great ones, shamed and ridiculed for their acts and works, later are their gifts to the world recognized for their transcendence and far appreciated later on. Is this not the sign of the forerunner, the pioneer, the explorer who goes into the depths of the unknown to find absolution and treasure in their deepest darkness? In the dark you are not alone, although your vision tells you so. What greater hell is there beyond self imposed exile? Creation is that – an expression of the creator’s self. There is no need to cling to the past, accept it, learn from it, realize that it influences your future in subtle ways – no matter how you run, it will always be there, the crossroads sign you have long passed in your soul’s journey. Trust yourself, the ones who came and come, and especially the ones who are here with you now. Your expression reveals yourself in both creation and creator.

Stepping into the ocean, what do you notice about the waves? Rough in the shallow parts, but when you start going deeper into the water, they’re gentler. Such is the love promised for you.

The thing about loving yourself before loving someone else, is that that’s part of the equation. The other part is that relationship teaches you things about yourself that you wouldn’t normally learn on your own. A human being is not an island, you aren’t supposed to live in isolation. Now there are examples of those […]

Well, hello there! I’m a psychology major with a specialty in research, and am entering graduate theology studies. Some balked at me for this change, but really, it’s not as far off as you may think. Psychology began as philosophy, its child if we want to get sentimental. Sentimentality isn’t always a bad thing, has […]