Bought a cookbook today, one of those Company’s Coming selections I’d pore over in Zellers. I’m excited. I can mess around with recipes and alter them. Holding my ground that vanilla yoghurt makes a delicious pasta sauce base, depending on the dish!

Why must you spend your aching nights, contemplating this caged bird, chirping gaily? You say, “He sings to be freed.” She replied, as she murmurs beyond your sight, “He sings to remind me. I, too, will be home.”

I write because … This world, too, is beautiful. I look through old photographs. There’s me, a little girl-child with a curious visage. She’s not faraway, not ethereal, not cold. Distant, yet present. On her island birthplace, she’s not that noticeable unless she finds the sweets and takes what she can. With her body requiring […]

Trauma and the Art Journal Levine (2017) presented a keynote on his developing approach with trauma sufferers via art therapy. My class was invited to attend as we were engaged in a course meant to expose us to the breadth of art therapy as a modality and a theoretical approach that proved adaptable to several […]

Creativity, Sustain Life An art form, the denotation was left open-ended to my peers as we set to capture, via visual media, our art forms. Creative modality, way of expression, and the question trickled upon me from the cosmos – what was my art form? I lost my motivation to journal, compose narratives, and I […]

Rain is an open invitation to pause and reflect, like and unlike autumn when nature in these parts dwindles to prepare for hibernation, the deep darkness, and the winter. Yet human life prepares for an influx of students as the city gears up for a new academic year. For me, rain is choratic space, the betwixt and between, the margin, a place where liminality can be seen, can be perceived.

While genotypes have long been under investigation in search of hereditary predispositions, it is the phenotypes that were of more interest. A predisposition for cardiovascular disease does not guarantee myocardial infarction. Such a relationship is correlational, albeit stronger as positive. Yet, the relationship is not enough to warrant causality.