Came up to a pathway facing a domed, pillared open-aired temple-like structure. Heard voices in the luminescent dark; trees half-circled around the temple-dome branching outwards in a crescent, evergreen at centre and highest moving into deciduous towards the tails. The wind rustling through the trees, the temple-dome on a slight slant, not quite a hill, […]

Dream-vision recorded June 28th, 2017. We’re already on the cobblestone bridge set with flagstones. Behind us is the ivory tower,  a whitish cream, seemingly pleasant pretty birdcage. Ahead of us is the iron tower, an ugly torture prison of black with some reds. There’s a huge gate blocking the entrance to the iron tower. A […]

Vision recorded May 22nd, 2017. A dense, thick forest, like a jungle. Oberon fleeing, pulling along Titania with him. People running and shouting behind us, pursuing us. Cat people (kittinine) concealing themselves in trees, kitten children (kittileine) mewling as crying. Faster, faster, running faster as shadows cloaked our paths. Titania stops, spying lantern glow ahead, […]

Dream: Approximately Summer 1994. I was age seven when I dreamed of what I assumed was Egypt. There were pyramids, so this wouldn’t be the earliest period of Egyptian history. If it was Egypt at all. I use terms reserved for Ancient Egypt discussion because I first spoke of this dream to my grade five […]

There was no island city. No cataclysm of waters and storms, just the guardian winds. There was a Quartet, yes, but no Judge of Heaven imprisoned. Dremael, the centre world, where the Timekeeper Amatialle alone knew its passageways. Where I would search under the inky sky, a sky devoid of light, alit by fireflies. And […]