Yes, I’ve done this, too. It’s not an illogical reaction. If something is devastating, you can explain what happened by enormous guilt cast upon yourself. If you are rocked by feelings of betrayal, it’s hard to understand that other person as far more complex than your retellings and remembrance would remind you.

Why do we search for the extraordinary to light up the ordinary? We honour those who step into the limelight. We praise their humility, their acts of courage, searching for the bright day to escape the dark night. “The memories will sustain you as the starlight reminds people of the day until the Sun returns,” […]

Mysterious and deceiving. Tragic and forsaken, our Princess of the Moon! Broken by lust, mending by love. She is the treasure we Lost Ones carry. I am restless upon the earth. I hide, wielding power he demands from me. I cannot face the solar me. Weaving myths and spinning new threads Here I am, defiant against lust I will […]