Rain is an open invitation to pause and reflect, like and unlike autumn when nature in these parts dwindles to prepare for hibernation, the deep darkness, and the winter. Yet human life prepares for an influx of students as the city gears up for a new academic year. For me, rain is choratic space, the betwixt and between, the margin, a place where liminality can be seen, can be perceived.

While genotypes have long been under investigation in search of hereditary predispositions, it is the phenotypes that were of more interest. A predisposition for cardiovascular disease does not guarantee myocardial infarction. Such a relationship is correlational, albeit stronger as positive. Yet, the relationship is not enough to warrant causality.

Eyes of a Child: Confluent Theology and Theory I have not lived in a singular theological paradigm. With my upbringing and understanding being self-directed, I will state my theological position as Eclectic Wiccan in this moment of time. This reflects my Pagan (nature-based, immanent-transcendent) inclination while structurally permissive, and draws upon my First Degree under […]