Have you done something for anyone without your name remembered? Was it something profound to that person, or would you have known that? Were you recognized later, or were you vaguely memorialized with or without your awareness? With scandals seemingly emerging one after another, sometimes the hidden and not so hidden deeds done with good intentions are brushed aside in favour of the scandalous.

Christianity is a religion with an emphasis of taking example by the unfortunate peoples affected by the dynamics involved in social relations. Social justice, when applied to the distribution of opportunities within societies, is a calling embedded deeply into Christian conscience.

I’ve a confession to make. Revelation was a book I disliked immensely before tackling this topic. Orality studies reminds me that even if we tried to trace to the original context, what’s a thing to think about is how the experience could move and shift — hence one of performance criticism’s contributions to biblical studies. Something […]

The person of Jeremiah is given more attention as a prophet than his peers in the Hebrew Bible. This alerted me to three possibilities: The prophet himself was noteworthy in some determined lens(es) in regard, his book was quite ascendant upon compilation, or his attested scribe Baruch was able to provide biographical sketches.

Myself as Matryoshka In colloquial discussion, comparisons for identity depict the many facets, roles, and masks of how an individual engages other persons. From the image of peeling an onion to expose layers that could be painful, to taking off and on hats representative of a role in dialogue, I appreciated my experiential with matryoshki […]