Remember the feathers, as they are cast about
Remember the ones who gave all they’ve got
Remember the wanderers who silently seek
Remember the sky, the one thing that’s meek.

Mysterious and deceiving. Tragic and forsaken, our Princess of the Moon! Broken by lust, mending by love. She is the treasure we Lost Ones carry. I am restless upon the earth. I hide, wielding power he demands from me. I cannot face the solar me. Weaving myths and spinning new threads Here I am, defiant against lust I will […]

Sea of deep, ocean blue and green This shadowed plane between eternity Why am I wearing this soft white dress Why is your hair tied high and swinging in the wind? You, angel, of solitude and tears You’re not alone, don’t you fear Isn’t that why you called me here? Offer me aegis, offer me […]