Last updated: June 3rd, 2017.

Header image credits: Created by alias Windsong Catir for my usage. Images from Ragnarok Online official art and screenshots of my in-game avatar, Kari.


This may be a web log (blog), yet under APA Style regulations, even a single comment in a forum must be referenced (i.e. given credit and acknowledgement of where you obtained an idea not yours; inspiration applies to References, Bibliography, footnotes, etc. in the format your particular style guide requires – or general politeness to the provider of the content). I have full papers written within academic institutions as archived on this site, let alone my wealth of content that are products of my reflexivity.

While I am aware of difficulties with standardized digital copyright policy making, I request that readers provide credit in accessible form. It can be a link, my legal full name (Kariel Tejai), an acceptable abbreviation of my legal name (such as K. Tejai or Kariel T.), or my current pseudonym (the Author of the post/page you are to reference/credit) if a link to my domain (snowbunny.blog) is provided within the same space as the inspiration in the format your Style/style (formal/informal) demands. Generally speaking, the more influence your synthesis potentially has, the more salient my identification as a content provider should be.

I take care to provide credits or references for others, therefore I expect readers to reciprocate. You cannot demand respect unless you are willing to give it. Rights naturally are accompanied by responsibilities. Rights are privileges.

merlight @ snowbunny

The light that shines deep beneath the water’s depths. The depths that the Mermaids will guide you to.

“In Your Reflection.” For me by Tanya (Tatiana).

A personal exploration, this blog is my chronicle of what is a lifelong journey through the confluences of spirituality and psychology. Generally speaking, I do not compose on my blog as an expert or recognized representative. I am quite a human being on this site.

Please bear in mind that expressing what is an idiosyncratic, multifaceted perspective to a wider audience will have its issues. In a sense I try to act as a translator, and no translation can perfectly capture the concepts from one language to another. The moderator can come close to a mutual understanding between multiple systems of thought (a reference to linguistic relativity).

I am priestess, blue-white magus, changeling, celestial with stars for my wings, prismatic rabbit … I am a West Indian woman, lover and beloved, rajayogi, nightlight, Phoenix of Dre’mael … I am humanist, graduate student, alive, and living.


water + light <=> prismatic white


  • Tejai, K. (2014). Forever’s interval. United States of America: America Star Books.
  • Tejai, K. (2010). Ladenflight. Baltimore, MD, United States of America: PublishAmerica.

Paraprofessional Designations

  • Certifications by Doreen Virtue
  • Certifications by Stacey MacDonald
    • Angel Light Advanced Practitioner (in progress)
    • Angel Light Certified Practitioner (2015)
  • Reiki: Usui Shiki Ryoho
    • Second Degree: Sandra Cureton (2015); Marlene George (2010)
    • First Degree: Irene Kaye (2007)
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    • safeTALK (2016)


  • Waterloo Lutheran Seminary: Waterloo, ON, Canada
    • Master of Arts: Theology – Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy (in progress)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University: Waterloo, ON, Canada
    • Honours Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Research Specialist (2016)
      • Dean’s Honour Roll (2010-2011; 2015-2016)
  • St. Augustine Secondary School: Brampton, ON, Canada
    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (2006)
      • Subject Achievement Award in Computer and Information Science (2003)
      • Honour Roll (2001-2002)

Other Recognitions

  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    • Skills for Safer Living (2017)
    • Davidson Scholarship (2016)
    • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (2015)
  • Academy of Martial Arts
    • 5th kyu (2004)
  • The Second City
    • The Communication Workshop (2002)
  • The Royal Conservatory of Music
    • Examination in Preliminary Rudiments with First Class Honours (2001)
  • City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Department
    • Leadership Development Program: Camp Counsellor Inclusion Training (2000)
  • The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
    • School Champion: First Place (1997-1998)

Dremael. The Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. The light that shines deep within your soul. The place where you will find yourself again.


  • Quotes by Andrei; 2016. Exception is the highlighted text regarding my expectations for anyone who wishes to share or integrate my content in some way, shape, or form.

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