Not Ivory!

Page last updated: July 9th, 2018.

Header image credits: “Entryway to a Heart of Snowy Glass,” papercraft by me.

Inside all of us is a light, but some beacons are darker than others, and some are so dark they never realize they are a form of light at all.” — Courtney M. Privett

Somewhere out in the real world, there’s an oft-repeated tale about the ivory tower. It’s a strange place said to hold an elite group bearing vast minds and even bigger books. Such fabled people are hidden from the rest, and know little of life outside. They may have various interests, the one thing binds them together. You know, an imposing yet gleaming, but oh-so-shiny, ivory tower.

Photograph of Kariel Tejai by Mirko Petricevic of Martin Luther University College; September 2016. Permission granted to repost on this domain.
Sounds ridiculous, but it’s a story I’m fed. It’s a story repeatable for me, across many situations and experiences. Some of these were wondrous, others horrific. This fantastical tale challenges. Somehow, those same situations and experiences rejuvenate my song render. Undergraduate years taught me the importance of not questioning blindly. In graduate studies, poignancy asked,

“Hey. Do you believe this world, too, is still beautiful?”

I pursue that One who is said to be silenced, but the quiet one is me. Life informs my studies, just as my studies interpret life. It’s not an ivory tower at all. I make mine vinyl. You can be in an outside world a lot better with vinyl. Hear things. See things. Feel a tornado shake your haven. Smell the wilds just by your windows. Taste the rain knocking upon your sanctuary.

“Dremael. The Midsummer Night’s Dream. The light that shines deep within your soul. The place where you will find yourself again.” — Andrei; 2016.

I have full papers written within academic institutions as archived on this site, let alone my wealth of content that are products of my living and learning. I take care to provide credits or references for others, therefore readers are expected to reciprocate.

“Karina Catherine” is this site’s alias for Miss Kariel Tejai.

Master of Arts in Theology: Public Faith and Spirituality — Martin Luther University College, expected 2020.
Honours Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Research Specialist — Wilfrid Laurier University, 2016.

Pursuit, thy silent. My Lord bears songrender.