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I take care to provide credits or references for others, therefore I expect readers to reciprocate. You cannot demand respect unless you are willing to give it. Rights naturally are accompanied by responsibilities. Rights are privileges.

This may be a web log (blog), yet under Style regulations, even a single comment in a forum must be referenced (i.e., given credit and acknowledgement of where you obtained an idea not yours; inspiration applies to References, Bibliography, footnotes, etc. in the format your particular style requires – or general politeness to the provider of the content). I have full papers written within academic institutions as archived on this site, let alone my wealth of content that are products of my reflexivity.

While I am aware of difficulties with standardized digital copyright policy making, I request that readers provide credit in accessible form. It can be a link, my legal full name (Kariel Tejai), an acceptable abbreviation of my legal name (such as K. Tejai or Kariel T.), or my current pseudonym (the Author of the post/page you are to reference/credit) if a link to my domain (snowbunny.blog) is provided within the same space as the inspiration in the format your Style/style (formal/informal) demands. Generally speaking, the more influence your synthesis potentially has, the more salient my identification as a content provider should be.

The light that shines deep beneath the water’s depths. The depths that the Mermaids will guide you to.

kari-to-kairi; kaii, snow bunny!!


Gift art for me, by Dilraj Gahunia. August 2017.

A personal exploration, this blog is my chronicle of what is a lifelong journey through the confluences of spirituality and living. Generally speaking, I do not compose on my blog as an expert or recognized representative. I am a human-in-being here.

Please bear in mind that expressing what is an idiosyncratic, multifaceted perspective to a wider audience will have its issues. If you may, I try to articulate as translator of my nonverbal sense. No translation can perfectly capture the concepts from one form of communication to another. The moderator (you, the reader) may approach mutual understanding between multiple vantage points, though bear in mind the poly-inherence.

I am chroma-mage, changeling, karina; rainbows held to dove’s thousand-wings. I am a rajayogi born, and walker-wanderer.


light of the sea <:://::> prismatic white

  • Tejai, K. (2014). Forever’s interval. United States of America: America Star Books.
  • Tejai, K. (2010). Ladenflight. Baltimore, MD, United States of America: PublishAmerica.
Formal Education
  • Waterloo Lutheran Seminary: Waterloo, ON, Canada
    • Master of Arts: Theology – Public Faith and Spirituality (in progress)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University: Waterloo, ON, Canada
    • Honours Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Research Specialist (2016)
      • Dean’s Honour Roll (2010-2011; 2015-2016)
  • St. Augustine Secondary School: Brampton, ON, Canada
    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (2006)
      • Subject Achievement Award in Computer and Information Science (2003)
      • Honour Roll (2001-2002)
Paraprofessional Designations
  • Alternative/Holistic
    • Intuitive/Psychic
      • The Angel Ministry via Gateway University – Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney (in progress)
      • Angel Light Advanced Practitioner – Stacey MacDonald (in progress)
      • ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® – Doreen Virtue (2016)
      • CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER® – Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine (2016)
      • Angel Light Certified Practitioner – Stacey MacDonald (2015)
    • Reiki: Usui Shiki Ryoho
      • Second Degree: Sandra Cureton (2015); Marlene George (2010)
      • First Degree: Irene Kaye (2007)
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    • safeTALK (2016)
Other Recognitions
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    • Skills for Safer Living (2017)
    • Davidson Scholarship (2016)
    • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (2015)
  • City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Department
    • Leadership Development Program: Camp Counsellor Inclusion Training (2000)
  • The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
    • School Champion: First Place (1997-1998)
  • The Royal Conservatory of Music
    • Examination in Preliminary Rudiments with First Class Honours (2001)
  • The Second City
    • The Communication Workshop (2002)

Dre’mael. The Midsummer Night’s Dream. The light that shines deep within your soul. The place where you will find yourself again.


  • Quotes by Andrei; 2016. Exception is the quoted text regarding my expectations for anyone who wishes to share or integrate my content in some way, shape, or form.