Life in “Dramael”

Mayli discovered that Amatialle and Thetadaison weren’t the relationship she thought they were. It took hitting her late teens before realizing. Oh hey, everyone else figured out that those two weren’t a perpetually youthful mother-son guardian pair. “THEY’RE MARRIED?!” 😛 The looks Seren, Amine, and Eririn gave her were awesome.

To new/unfamiliar readers: Dremael’s premise is a centre-world full of portals, connected to any conceivable realm at specified points in its histories. Dremael is concealed in mists. The name is a mashup for both “Dream of God” and “dreadful maelstrom.” We spent more time in lands through the portals, since Dremael itself was not a place to linger.

For fun, here’s some silly ideas for what Mayli wasn’t privy to in 12 years. A throwback to older Dremael stories from my childhood, quite different to the anthology version within early adolescence. I’m using characters’ ayanic names given by Mayli (interchangeable “nicknames” with separate glosses, depending on context and speaker). Characters have nuanced names; plus standard form, hierarchical, legendary, affectionate, intimate, etc. I didn’t encounter honorifics — these were days before anime was regularly shown on children’s programming. I think the grass in DBZ is the real main character. Don’t ask me about Kai. I gave up near Buu’s debut. Anyway, Mayli decided everyone needed more English-speaker friendly names, and Seren and Amine rolled in with suggestions.

“Do Mummy and Daddy need couple time?” Made via RinmaruGames

I presume Theta wanted to preserve Amine’s ignorance. Someone should’ve told her that kids watched The Crow and discussed sympathetic magic during recess. All that after our daily mock-historical fantasy roleplaying in, of course. Oh, future post topic?

“Be a good kitty, or she’ll bring you catnip and I’ll die laughing at your purring.” Made via RinmaruGames

Ah yes, Kitty. The Great Cat. Amine had a particular fondness for cats, and Mayli thought it’d be fun to ride a giant tiger. Kids. Anyway, I find this hilarious, because Theta didn’t want to be the White Phoenix. She was taught to threaten Amatialle, can you imagine sharing responsibility for the centre-world with that kind of setup? Guy’s this tattoo face with a weird twin brother whom you’ve no idea is on your side or not on some days. Cyratae’s feelings might be like the weather, you know? As for Theta, she’s not into catlike men. Too many episodes of The Sylvester & Tweety Show? She had plenty to learn when it came to dealing with him, and RinmaruGames wanted me to pick between a gun or crossbow. This series is from their vampire manga creator games. Be like Tweety, Theta, with a sharp wit and sharper cute factor.

“No, Mummy, not like that! Whose fault is it anyway?” Made via RinmaruGames

A little bit of explanation: In the Dremael Citadel, the floor just above the foundation (provides a barrier from lava) is inaccessible to everyone except the Timekeeper. Why? Because there’s a single portal, a forbidden one. It leads to the Abyss. You don’t want the Phoenix, who maintains Dremael, wandering into it. The Timekeeper guides wanderers who happen in on the place. It’s easy to lose your way.

Amatialle’s lantern carries a flame birthed from Theta’s luminosity. Convenient for when there are: Random invasions or squabbles, Sasha came to visit out of boredom, or Luke desired someone else’s advice for once (Maria doesn’t count). Oh look at that, the Timekeeper and Phoenix can check in with each other quickly. Crack a joke about the flame representing their mutually suppressed affection, I dare you. No really, I’m a curious bun.

For your consideration: Hosting either/both of the Realmworkers (i.e., Luke and Sasha) for tea? My advice: Remember that they thought Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians were worthy role models. No amount of security measures will protect your party from bending into chaos, but there will be a method and order to the madness. Write to Gabrielle, Aniaryn Lindya’s advice columnist (closest to one, that is), if you need help. The cookies will disappear. All your cookies will disappear. The evidence is smeared with chocolate glee on Sasha’s face. Luke’s only her accomplice, indulging her because he can.

“Y’know, just pop in some fireflies, and this could almost look romantic.” Made via RinmaruGames

Acolytes are under the Phoenix, Agents reply to the Timekeeper. Think of these groups as factions, in a sense, to the upkeeping of Dremael. Seren is an Agent. Agents and Acolytes aren’t sex-defined, but Phoenixes are female and Timekeepers male.

“I like big swords and I cannot lie. Shut up, Seren.” Made via RinmaruGames

I figure they’re practising or sparring close to the Pedestal Towers. Queen Leidai would be proud. Oh, here’s another thing. Phoenixes have a succession line, but they aren’t shoved off to disappear from Dremael’s history. It’s a role, and they can choose to do something else after term, continue onward, or retire as honoured matriarchs. Sometimes, too honoured. Let’s not go into what King Linus suffered through.

“Our neighbours’ duty is one of utmost respect.” Made via RinmaruGames

There you have it. The founders of Sky Plateau & Aniaryn Lindya find the “dramael” of Dremael so entertaining, they’ll have a chandelier and candlelight dinner on a cold winter’s day to cozy up and eat cookies. A couple of gossips, those two, but at least they keep it to themselves. Luke learned this lesson after Maria hunted the equine populations into protected status.

“Dramael” reference by Eririn, because Mayli is naïve sometimes. Makes for good jokes and silly Rinmaru-based pictures.

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