Speak that Name

Fields above in gold, streaks in rainbow tones
— I behold

Wind calling to me, crying my name
Say it, speak it to the ones
Who refuse to learn again.

Ask me questions, I want to speak lies
I want to hide visions of a Body
Incomparable to my design

Wind, You move past my flow
Wind, You watered seeds I’ve scattered,
Seeds I’ve sown.

Roses in Your Blood, thorns through my sides
Our life made eloquent, singing by divide.

She pushed me up for a wall,
Demanding feathers, wanting to feel wings
I catch him and spun him ’round,
Remembering all things.

Don’t look at me as an Other.
You’re my brother.
Don’t turn me into a stranger.
We are sisters.

Asking me questions, wanting more lies.
It is Daedalus who holds my sighs.

I’m afraid to talk to the God who loved me
And I cannot escape —
Visions and glances, roses and rabbits.

See, here! Want your wings?
I pinned you to the blackboard,
Chalking them in.

Here you are, child, you are free
Now set your life, let me be.
I lift you up, give you a toss
It is Daedalus who holds my sighs
Here are your lovely wings,
Your love I have lost.

God is my guardian, He carries me through the seas
I lived, I trust, and when I return to dust

It is Daedalus who holds my sighs

Just because I too, have wings,
Never means, I, too, must fly
I love this world, I don’t need
What could be sought
Beyond the skies.

Fledgling, seek what you will find
For my heart sings to Daedalus
For whom I’ve made peace, for when I’m blind.

I’ve stared at the Sun, streaks to life begun
I take my peace, I have my smile

God is my guardian; fly, dear child
You knew the heat, you can’t earn His strength
For God prowls near the dominion, like a Lion
And God stands by the wayside, wandering like a Lamb.

Wind, gust to where I walk next
Fill my sails and speak my path
It is Daedalus who holds my sighs
I find His throne again.

Surely one day my mourning will be moaning,
And the Wind blows somewhere new, I don’t know
Broken dreams formed into something new
My vessel brought in strange lands, where I am stranger still.
Shall I be at home again?
God is my guardian, one day these roses may spring
From those seeds I had sown.

Asking me questions tempts me for lies

Surely, I learn, He will come for me
And into resonant gardens,
There, only there, I am at home again.

Here, only here, the Wind names me
And sets me to alien courses, with rainbows and rabbits.

— it’s Daedalus who holds my sighs,

we shall be home again.

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