Just adding a little tradition

“I am the place in which something has occurred.” — Claude Lévi-Strauss

I decided I didn’t want chemistry. Art’s more me, I figured. Who cared for tradition, not me. I’d create a new me, a new path. I’d become a trailblazer. So what if it’s lonely. I’d sit in a hall of fame someday. I’d find a writer, illustrate her stories into light novels. Make my own comic soon after. Go to events, raise funds and support others. Promote and lift up the work of so much talent I see in Prof Niall’s classes. These folks should shine. I’ll make them shine so bright that this world can’t help but notice.

So why am I fusing traditional art with styling? Why am I engrossed in Prof Niall’s lessons where he drones on about the masters of old?

I’m glaring at the latest release of the game I poured my waking moments for. Glaring, and smiling too. I’m proud of my designs, and my work.

Even if it might reek with some tradition.

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