Sly kinda, lover

The person you loved, but didn’t love you back.

Aren’t you cute.

Poking through the books in this shop, so shy, incredibly timid, aren’t you? You want to check out the new release, don’t you? Just ask those university kids to step out of your way.

But no, you’re too polite. It’s why I’m not telling you who I am. Yeah, I’m your bestie from that game’s dev team, the one who approved your talent for the art job.

Heh. I’m over here with the crystals, chuckling at Othin spilling water over his customer. Just ask the redhead to move. He’s not gonna bite you, Himeko. Zenith is softer than he seems, most of the time. Don’t expect me to poke the guy for you. You want our game, don’t you?

Eh, perhaps my presence is scaring you. I probably don’t look a thing like how you’d picture Sairensa.

Moving out of my corner, chatting up the little writer. Saving my secret for another day.

Hey, Nairn. The name’s not Sairensa.

It’s Mirai.

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