She recounts rainbows

Synaethesia, character point-of-view

Red. Not too much red in this shop. It depends on the shades, luminosity, not only the hue. It’s exquisite.

There’s other colours abound here. Maybe if I sit at a table and chair here, I can pretend it’s a desk. Maybe in a classroom, in a large lofty tower, rising to amazing heights. Dizzying heights! Past clouds and piercing through the skies of here and yesteryear. Where I can’t scent the seashore, no more calls by macaws nearest this mountainside. Dizzying, soaring; gazing at this world below and there’s a me ringing light bells. Showering and sparkling sprays of purest white light oh-so-close upon the littlest ones lowest.

Ah! It’s Othin walking towards me — no, no, no, don’t drop the waterglass, please don’t —

Aw. Spilled it all over my sheet, did you?

Wait, what colour gel pen am I using?

“Violet today, Meissa?”

I glance at my pen and messed up papers.

“Yeah, it’s violet.”

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