In wonder, with waiting

Our Father,

Your Son comes before us,
To give as You gave us.

That we hear Your call,

Your voice begets and sustains us

Discipleship emerges from within us

Stewardship moves us

And You are always and forever before and alongside us
Each of us are Your talent and treasure,

in and within Your time-space

Should we chase these starry winds, pursuing and return Your song rendered
Then in dreaming, speaking and following and listening,

What in all we guard and guide and seek is here with us.

Lord, You are always and forever the present and presence before and after and _______ us.

June 10, 2018.
INSPIRATION: Jorgenson, AllenAwe and Expectation: On being stewards of the Gospel. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2009.

An exercise and prayer I wrote in the wee night hours of June 10th, 2018. For my presentation, I chose chapters 3 & 4 of Jorgenson’s text, and integrated ideas from Bonhoeffer’s Discipleship. I thought the two works had synergy.

The long line you see there, I asked classmates to fill in a word, signalling them as I read this prayer aloud. Any word would do. It was fascinating to hear participants state their chosen word and their reason. Hint: Bonhoeffer is linked to prepositions as describing discipleship and eschatological vision. Jorgenson’s text allowed me to walk along and peek into a Lutheran view, which is different from mine and yet, relatable.

What word did you put there as you read? Would you change it after reading my very brief explanation?

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