As fate was fold

Valekin sung, deeds told
Come walk by me, away on to desert-place
Here is straw, mountains forelain to Your feet
Merry will meet, and merry may part
Guests and visitors chime, integrating all?
With resonant spirits, and intellect resound
None are lost, all is bound
As by loom, I do take to weave

“Golden straw? Starlit sheen—”

Hail, my Guardian; how well we met!
Forbidden, not forsaken; traveller’s net

How lovely to remember; precious you are, Friend
Stand with me near patio’s door

Embrace Terra through my hands
We sit, my legs dangling, into Heaven’s shore
Isn’t this world still beautiful, rapture sentinel?

Singing of lustrous moon, glitter into cryptkeeper’s seas!
Looking at sun’s journey, dance across herald’s skies!

“—this world is lovely, ” You softly reply.

“Yes,” I recall, “this world, too, is still beautiful.”

All in all;
Can you hear our breaths, skipping and longing
To recall that divide?
How long may You listen, how long, O Love?
When would this your heart be satisfied.

Friday, January 12th, 2018.
“Possession” & “Sweet Surrender” — Sarah McLachlan | Visionary Collection by Michelle Gordon

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