The mystics are needed; and the warriors, the sages, the healers, the searchers, the keepers, the seekers, the wanderers, the scholars, the providers, the learners, and all unnamed yet.

Belligerent, how consuming you’ve become.
Majestic. Impassioned.
Maddening, heated red-in-reds, noon’s vampire.

Acrimonious, how smothering you’ve become.
Magnificent. Impassioned.
Conquering, chilled blue-in-blues, midnight’s siren.

Your children cry and thirst for justice.
Restrain the Beasts, though the little feel they may restore by dominion.

Valiant you, wanting to dictate the way of power, O Sun?
Look! What have we done?
Suffer yourself for my mercy!
We’ll fade into black, lost to eternity;

Return what you stole, mercurious Moon.
Listen! What have we done?
Give me back my piece in heart!
We’ll be together, just three, just three;

Restrain the Beasts! Hold back the apathy of the Elder Ones, keep at bay!
Keep at bay! Dawn will come, a gentler dawn –

Seek not to rewrite nor replace history. Learn from our stories, walk aside and along. Revolution is an inversed returning.

A dawn drunk on blood!
Taste! What have we done?

A blood cascading life!
Feel! What have we done?

Is the taboo intact? Time confined to the abode saturnine?
Yes, my Brother. And of First Star and Terra?
Surviving; living … coping, my Sister.

Day, the screams are getting louder. My soul is crying. My heart is breaking.
Entwine yourself around them, Night. Lest we forget.

;And no child shall ever wonder
Scent! What have we done?
What happened to the best of us.

 Round and round, we hover to the Sun. Round and round, we search for the Moon.

Terra … she weeps.

Your quarrel, inexplicable past the bounds towards insanity!
Silence, I will call for silence!
Enough, enough! The children were searching, are seeking –
Too close! Too close!

Where are we; Creator, Creatrix?
O God, Who composed my soul, where shall I go?
— Mama, Papa; to where may I turn? —
The Destroyer woke, sweeping us in Her judicial, to remake our Earth.
The response is not to demand Her counterpart, the answer is not to call upon Him called Time.

First Star … he sighs.

Linear curved into an infinite. Finite via nature.

I thirst for revenge.
Cast yourself from your throne.
I shall restore the lost ones, by my own;
Never again with you alone!

Come at me, then! Dare you brand me.
Dare you cast your wrath upon this Tree?
Face me fully, O treacherous silvertongue.

May we spiral, may we not circle.

Reveal anew the blinding by the golden path, the path sublime.
Deepest soul horror by the Sublime.
To not explore unseemingly. To not stumble and fumble into ecstasy.
We cannot go before preparing for our terror there.

Why will we value transcendence most, put on a pillar?
As if all we need is out there.

Regina, eleison! Kyrie, agape!
Mother and Father
Divine Spirit. Great Spirit.
Passion is the way of our Sacred.

How would we lust for the Mysteries, throwing aside ourselves?
What we want is here.

Union with You is bliss, is a melting of myself with a joy that knows no in/finite. And yet …
– O God, you are not real. O Lord, you exist`
it’s not what I need. If the mystic’s path is to escape my brothers and sisters,
_our mysterium *
I don’t want it.

I hate you, I hate you
Never would you leave me dead!
Perceive! What have we done?

I hate you, I hate you
I’ll tear thy feathers to shreds!
Perceive! What have we done?

Now, take this crown of pride from me.

If You wanted me for elsewhere, I’d be gone long ago.
What can I do? How may I serve?
A lamp to my feet, show me my footsteps, time by Time.

One person does not change the world.
An individual cannot answer a collective’s cry.

One shall not speak for all!

Strip from me, this mantle dripping in my bloodguilt.

Open my eyes, my Lover, to the support visible and seen.
Reveal my steps, my Beloved, on to the Arcana writ into my soul as called.

Archetypes are not entities to defeat.
The archetypes are not forces to entreat.

All shall not speak for one!

To this, the mystic’s path for me.

Thank you, O Divine; You share the Sacred and reveal the Sublime.
My blessing by Thee; most terrifying, most merciful Lord.
My choosing by Thee; most horrific, most loving Queen.

~* my arcanum, ..kar’iel ~`

“Children of the Sun” — Thomas Bergersen ft. Merethe Soltvedt | “The Shrine Keeper’s Song” in Forever’s Interval by Kariel Tejai.

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