Nay, nay, bloody crane
Suffering is not here to stay

Nay, nay, crane of life
Harming you is struggle to strife.

Lives come, and lives told
Only what is known may be let go!

That Path is for the ones who lived
That Path is for the ones who held all else dear

Perhaps your lesson is not to turn at all cost
Perhaps your lesson is to learn what you lost.

Apathy cannot transcend
Apathy is the repeat and bend

How can you understand detachment
When you refuse the depths of attachment?

Suffering and rebirth is to impart Your Lesson
Suffering and rebirth is to GIVE TRANSCENSION.

The spiritual means nothing without the earth
Water and wind, flame and yes, the “dirt”

What if your cage is not out there?
What if the cage is within, in here?

If you will not accept what you “lack”
On and on, you must come back.