For light’s love seeking

An open letter to Michelle Gordon

After Christmas 2015, something quietly changed within. I decided to venture outside the clan’s borders. Along the way, I made mistakes, ran into more troubles with accompanying traumas and triggers. My resolve faced test after test, I succumbed to silencing again.


There’s something to this, a theme explored in Michelle Gordon’s writings. While her books speak lessons I heard from my world ad libitum, I was fascinated by her publication of what is affectionately referred to as Earth Angel Series. Its ‘season two’ would be Twin Flame Series, but for simplicity’s sake I name them as the former.


I first learned of you from Sarah Rebecca Vine’s main site. Visionary fiction rooted in today’s world, not a faraway land? I thought you brilliant for turning the topic of Earth Angels into a more accessible framework. I felt intimidated when friends, ex, and clan would ridicule me for venturing anywhere near the New Age section. At least that was kinder than the punishment for delving into the Occult shelves, but I digress.

From the door of dreams, the light pours out.
Somebody calls my name
So I knock, knock, knock, knock

Planted within my breast, this a seed of dreams that surely yearns to sprout
So I knock, knock, knock

I fundraised my ATP® training, in the days when materials had to be physically shipped. By offering readings with the knowledge I already earned and a willingness to grow, I successfully purchased and completed the program with certification. CACR® happened sometime that year as well. During one of the ATP® modules, we learned about Earth Angels. I wasn’t quite sure how to digest that particular material, but I did attempt to learn as I could. This was when I began to be cognizant of my internalized dissonance.

Would I be characteristic of a Cosmic Angel? Crystal? Both? My emotions spun in the proverbial salad spinner. Frustrated, I left that to my side. Crystal was what I was told to be. Cosmic Angel was me wanting an excuse to keep to myself. I didn’t touch Earth Angels until Turtle, during Summer 2016, asked for more information on the subject. Of all the topics Quadrifolium was curious to explore, Turtle showed interest in Earth Angels and tarot most. I headed back to Sarah’s website after being unable to purchase Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms. I couldn’t get myself to buy it. It seemed so alien (pun intended) to me, like a world that had me kicked out and I didn’t want to bother returning to. Toubun suggested I was likely Atlantean. I could perceive my headache regarding the matter, coming for me with a vengeance.

Dreams will come true.
Even when facing hardships
I believe that my wishes will be granted

Opening my wings upon the silver wind
It’s Fate for me to chase after my eternal dream

Sarah’s archives sent blessed relief my way in the form of your more celebrated novel series. It clicked in me – fiction that presented the same material as Doreen, but in a way that didn’t frighten me off, unleash my cynic, or disturb others’ rigid expectations of me. Impressed with the free copy of “I’m Here,” which is included in a separate set of books in your repertoire (Visionary Collection).

I’m likely one of your slower readers, LOL. Many of my fellow fans read your books at a pace blindingly fast to me, and I learned that it’s all right. Although your work is marketed as fiction, its depth and intrinsic meaning these writings are held for you asks me to contemplate as I read. I’m grateful that this fandom encourages all to read as individuals choose. There’s little pressure on me to speed myself up. Much of your work is broad in scope, diving into the fathoms within readers who feel particular kinds of connection, me included. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that in terms of chronological age, you’re quite in proximity to me. Yet your work, your person’s expression … bespeak someone far older.

Here is community I am glad to stumble into. A way for speaking experiences I felt alone to carry on my own. To these lovely souls who send me signs of rainbows and rabbits when my life darkens me towards blindness, I thank you with all my heart … even if some chose to leave to seek their stars. I learned to not be angry for those departures, that I’m not to blame. I am loved and those goodbyes aren’t forever.

I hope you continue along your river stream, whatever path you take will lead you to the Place you know you wish to be. Thank you for believing in your readership. Thank you for expressing your love for everyone all this way, and as we keep saying to you, we look forward the nurtured fruits of your Story!

I say, “Hello! I say, hello!”
Forever dreams will come true.

With blessings,
+ A Mystic Angel


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