August: SJS-TEN Awareness


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August was claimed as SJS-TEN Awareness Month. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.

What I want is for people to have informed compassion for we who suffer and/or die from these and accompanying complications. I ask for us to be recognized as survivors who continue to live with repercussions and ongoing troubles. We are to be treated accordingly.

Trauma, pain, and suffering don’t cease when one is released from hospital after any episode. Specific requirements for our health and safety should be honoured, for what we endured and continue to live with.

I care little for telling people to donate to awareness campaigns. In my experience, this action tends to relieve the responsibility of interpersonal informed courtesy towards those who underwent/undergo these nightmares from which they may not wake.

Compassion, healthier understanding, and respect for the scope of SJS-TEN is what I request. For all touched by these directly and indirectly, I thank you.