Wind and Waves that Weave a Dream

Given July 23rd, 2017; composed by Andrew Labre as an anniversary present.

An ocean of waves, never alone.
By day and night it ebbs and floods.
Water and waves that ever change,
Within the great wide white-blue.

But together still do they come,
One by one, by push and pull.
And once they come, they say aloud:
Even the greatest wall will fall.

The ocean one’s kin, given life dear,
Given hope, and a place on the Earth.
The currents flow, and the rivers bend,
Picking up the breath of life.

Awake in the world, in its beauty so,
Wind and weave, thoughts of your own.
This is yours, only yours,
the beat and bounce, the gust and zest.

The ocean’s great wave, crash and plow,
never giving up, never giving in.
Tide beats the sand, and beats it ever still,
Marching on, with your steelpan drum.

Inspired by “Lost in Thoughts All Alone” [cover] by AmaLee.

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