Spice Chord: Rock Fest

Originally posted on a previous co-venture, We Love AiStars! I was the site owner as alias Haneno Sora. This post is of my composition. I removed screenshots and modified other things; the coords can be readily found on the Aikatsu Stars! wikia.

Spring 2016: Spice Chord

Here we have Spice Chord and its Spring Collection theme, Rock Fest.

Kisaragi Tsubasa looking quite like she’ll beat you in a festival easily, hands down

It’s the Spice Rock Coord! It’s certainly a busier design than the previous Premium Rare I looked at.

We’ve got a triple layered skirt with each layer having its own pattern, a top that makes me think British-American rocker type, and asymmetry for socks and boots. I like the gold additions, particularly the chains on the uppermost skirt. Gold accents and provides contrast to the cooler colours, though we’ve got a hint of warmth with the reds. I’m glad for this, as otherwise Tsubasa would appear too cold and distant. As we saw in Episode 3, there is warmth to her like there are the reds in this coord. Very fitting.

Silver’s a given for cool-type colour palettes, and ooh I do love asymmetrical concepts as they make an outfit eye-catching. I previously wasn’t too fond of horns in the headband, but hey, that was formerly my opinion. Makes her look more like a rebel, and that seems to be part of her charm.

Dark Punk Check Coord, Sky Punk Check Coord, Moon Punk Check Coord

Ripped stockings? Oooh, edgy! Somewhat reminiscent of the Premium Rare, but toned down enough to not steal the show. It’s more symmetrical this time, and pardon me as I stare at those shoes. Yes. Not typical of previous cool-type brands we’ve seen in OG Aikatsu, but hey, I hypothesized that AiStars is its own universe. But this works! They’re leg warmers with attitude, complimented by heeled sandals.

Now I’ve heard that gold and silver shouldn’t go together, but I disagree. You can make it work! Sky Punk Check has a colder look – there’s barely any warm colours to defrost it. Moon Punk Check provides an attention grabbing contrast between bright, almost golden-yellow, and dark blues.

There’s those rebel horns again, but these look more like cat ears than the Premium Rare’s headband. Softer and more appealing to me, and goes along with these coords being a follow-up to the main event outfit.

Red Gothic Stripe Coord, Blue Gothic Stripe Coord, Green Gothic Stripe Coord

By the names of these coords, we’ve taken a gothic angle to round up the Spice Chord offering. I will admit it, I was typing ‘stripe chord’ and had to fix it a couple of times.

More elegant and refined than the previous two coord designs, yet still these carry the edginess and rebel attitude I’m probably about to start expecting from Spice Chord. I’m curious for the future releases to see if that guess is correct!

This coord design veers more symmetrical than the previous two, which is all right by me – one needs variety in fashion. I would’ve liked the crosshairs on the stockings to stand out more, then again, it may cause too much busyness. We have stripes galore in different directions, keeping our attention. I love the adding of the music motifs, although on Blue Gothic Stripe you don’t see the collar one as easily. Another colour that would ‘pop’ out at you for accents is more useful here.

Accents are to enhance an outfit, not be added on as an afterthought to blend in. That’s really my only major stipulation with this coord, otherwise, I do like it.