My Little Heart: Princess Time

Originally posted on a previous co-venture, We Love AiStars! I was the site owner as alias Haneno Sora. This post is of my composition. I removed screenshots and modified other things; the coords can be readily found on the Aikatsu Stars! wikia.

Spring 2016: My Little Heart

Welcome to 2016’s Spring Collection! First up is My Little Heart with the theme Princess Time.

Ah, it’s the mysterious mistress of song!

Delicate yet befitting royalty, the Dreaming Princess Coord appears to be ideal for Shiratori Hime. The ribbons, ruffles, and soft colours speak of gentleness and being whisked away in the clouds of a daydream. It makes me believe that in a dress like this, the beloved leader of 25th S4 truly is a princess, almost an ethereal one.

The pinks help to bring her back to Earth, starting dark at the top and fading out somewhat in a gradient near the bottom. I could see her easily being a prom queen with this coord. The skirt is bell shaped like classic dresses we see on animated princesses, though I find the shoes not as eye-catching as the rest. The tiara is a nice touch, adding to the daydreaming motif. While yes the dress is main event, I feel as if her shoes could have helped out more. They seem just a bit too plain, but at least her stockings have a faint design. I’d prefer the stockings’ embroidery to be darker in shade to stand out, that would’ve helped to keep my attention. The top definitely catches my eye as it is a bit mature but still sweet. I do like the slight puff in the sleeves, it’s not overly done and benefits the coord’s overall charm.

Happy Picnic Coord, Lucky Picnic Coord, Lovely Picnic Coord

Here we have the Picnic Coords. These are cute, well obviously so as these are cute-type coords. They evoke a fun day in the park, complete with a checkered blanket and sweets. Happy Picnic Coord makes me think of morning time, Lucky Picnic Coord is more midday to me, and Lovely Picnic Coord is a late afternoon/early evening.

Happy is mostly pinks and whites with yellow accents, speaking of the rising Sun and taking in a breath of fresh air to start my day. Lucky with its aquas and yellows is bright, perfect for a picnic when the Sun has reached its zenith. Lovely is into purples with traces of pink, reminding me of the setting Sun.

The coords as a whole are fun, yet fit with the Princess Time theme. Skirts are bell-shaped once again, the sleeves puffed/flared, and ruffles and ribbons are included. When I think of young princesses, those elements come to my mind. I can see a young princess in the AiStars universe wearing this to go have a day of fun, and I think that’s what these coords are trying to speak to.

Mint Tea Time Coord, Citrus Tea Time Coord, Peach Tea Time Coord

While they appear to be simpler at my first glance, these are more sophisticated than the previous Picnic coords. With some additional touches, they hint to me of Premium Rare quality.

We’ve got a return of the gradient, bell-shaped skirt, ribbons and ruffles. But what makes this stand out are the metal, gems, and overskirt. These make me think of a bridal party where tea and miniature sandwiches are served English style. The bow on the headband harkens to a Disney Alice look, but not overtly. It compliments the dress well. The shoes are simpler at the base, but I like that flared part above the ankles. In this case, simple with a brush of high-class works here. I wouldn’t want to be too fancy since this is a tea party dress, and I think this coord pulls that off just fine. Pretty, but not overly done up.

A wonderful way to round up the Princess Time theme for My Little Heart!