For the twinbro on my anniversary

This entire post is in jest. 😉

Dedicated to Moon, my soul brother.

To you, my twin in bunniness,

Time to face doom tomorrow then. DOOM.


Me by Choujin.

Remember me, bro.
Remember in the frostiness of your moon-hued heart.
And when you eat cakes
Recall my spazbun face.

Keep hold the spirit of Bunniness
Alive in thy fraternal soul
Lest we forget our shining lady.

This epic beacon of overpowered proportions
Blessing bunnykind with her beauty and her grace
As she is swept into infernal space.

Miss Congeniality,” hahaha!

And when you see a shooting star
Remember your sis who doesn’t walk afar
And you shall be connected in heart.

July 22nd. It’s my one-year anniversary with Andrei of our relationship!!

Don’t fret, Moon. I promised you a box of dark chocolates. Squee, squee!!