Your hands brought our morrow

White Prism and me; created and modified by me with RinmaruGames and Fotor.

For your birthday.

Red Dreamer,

I know in myself that we’re all right.
The world is still beautiful.
It’s okay to keep that dream.
It’s pure, no need to remain unseen.

Remember that, okay?
All of you is right.
All your darkness, all your light.
All of you is loved in my sight.

Though I cannot be there at your side
There I’ll always be
A faint star rests on the crest
– of the sea.

A softly glowing nightlight when all fades
Here I am, amidst these waves.

As luminarist, as sky’s wanderer
Shining as I can for you,
Crimson lotus flower.

Despite everything, I believe in the wake of dreams.

+ Nightlight


  • Musical: “Akatsuki” – Shikata Akiko