Songs for The Star

THE STAR: Refraction of The Fool in vulnerability as strength.

You shed drops of tears for those lost days
The sky you gazed at was burning in crimson red

The highest of hopes and the deepest of despairs.

Still now you hide your face. You veil your deep sadness in moments that become frequent as the journey prolongs.

If you rest, the righteous fury blazing in your heart demands voice, and the cries of the lost and forsaken resound through your witness.

You know when you are against too many odds, and await your moment.

You have no taste for unchecked violence.

Cleave through the wind
And the dawn shall shine upon your journey

Right now, accomplish those ancient promises
And the dawn shall break


Emblem of praise, you who hold the mysterious jars
Emblem of blame, your power as eternity’s flaw.


What is destiny and what is fate?
One is a choice, one is thrust upon you.
One rests on hope, one sinks into despair.
Not all is in here, out there.


The primordial waters tremble as the wind wakes
The light casts itself into the seas
And earth is revealed.

Dear you, don’t be afraid
Devote yourself to your own heart’s desire
May those blazing gazes never go out


  • “Lucia” pronounced as “LOO-kee-ah”
  • Musical: Akatsuki – Shikata Akiko
    • English translation: Nakari Amane’s Dreamsland Lyrics; modified by me for flow. Includes the elusive Chinese segment – I presume Standard Chinese since Pinyin is referenced by translation notes.

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