Lightbringer, speak to Lightbearer


Anticipating the worst to come.


Daddy and Mama told me stories about her. I wasn’t there, but I’m an old lady too!

What did you learn? What was she like in those stories?

Beautiful, wise, and kind. Like you.

Soft and fluffy.

Seeing her now breaks my heart. I hoped for the one my parents told me about. Maybe I shouldn’t. I’m terrified of what lurks inside. I love her as herself, but the memories we have of her strength frightens me. I hate that I’m scared of that part of her.

You’re not scared of me. That same power dwells in me as well. You know this.

You’re not the one who nearly ruined us.

Then we remind her of our love for her. Tell her every time she loses sight. Affirm with her that she’s not alone.

Remember the feathers, as they are cast about
Remember the ones who gave all they’ve got
Remember the wanderers who silently seek
Remember the sky, the one thing that’s meek.


Am I evil?

No! No, you’re not.

I remember part of the incantation for silencing. Will they feel safer if I sealed myself?

No. If you do that, all our work to help you was for nothing. They’ll be hurt, knowing they couldn’t heal your wounds.

I hate myself.

It was my fault. I was the one who awakened you. Judged as guilty for your bursts. But I’m here now. I’m here again.

You did keep your promises.

Self-sacrifice and martyrdom isn’t your answer. These acts raise and ride the debt of Elysium. What would you accomplish? A temporary solution. The hungry will search for their next willing victim. Consuming all light until light is no more, then shall they face the darkness always there. The darkness of restoration and revival.

Am I killing you, like I was told I would? Am I poison?

Of course not. If that were true, I’d be killing you too. You’re why I’m still here. I’m why you’re still here.

Stepping into the ocean, what do you notice about the waves?

Rough in the shallow parts, but when you start going deeper into the water, they’re gentler.

Such is the love promised for you.


She’s been right this whole time. This world, too, is still beautiful.

Silly. Don’t you know where the key is?

I have a feeling so. If I dig into soul memory more, I’m sure I’ll find it.

Hehehe! It’s right here, in you. Your seat of emotion, not in your seat of power. You don’t get your source from the Sun, wahahaha!

Ah, figures. Twin Rays share the same star.

Wave and Particle
Ray of Light
To flow as Veil
Remember the stars scattered in Night.


Why is Jeanne’s will so important to me? Why am I enraged and frustrated that people to this day continue to violate her wish?

She gave us her blessing. It remains despite the events of the towers.

The memories will sustain you as the starlight reminds people of the day until the Sun returns.

I was a terrible teacher. I’ll admit that.

Well, duh. I’m still innocent.

Naïveté and innocence have their places. The true danger is ignorance.


Prompt (“known”) provided by oneword | “Boku ni totte” – Knife of Day

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