Snow Queen’s sigh

Vision recorded May 22nd, 2017.

A dense, thick forest, like a jungle. Oberon fleeing, pulling along Titania with him. People running and shouting behind us, pursuing us. Cat people (kittinine) concealing themselves in trees, kitten children (kittileine) mewling as crying. Faster, faster, running faster as shadows cloaked our paths. Titania stops, spying lantern glow ahead, pulling Oberon with her into a cluster of three tall heavy trees. “There they be,” someone screams, “fey king and queen unseen.”

Firelight. Torches. Burning trees. Crying kin, sobbing kits. Closing in. The pair pulled apart by vengeful grabbing hands. Forest gets darker and sinister as Oberon says, “Not again.”

The two sink into the earth, falling asleep covered in magma. Emerged as Snow Queen and God of Terror. Walked in opposite directions with a prismatic rope (red, black, white) kept them bound. A rope of four cords. Snow Queen aware of God of Terror looking for her, but kept walking.

“A Rabbit of Dre’mael” by me.

Rabbit Girl rises from a mirror lake, a bunny comes to guide her out of the water. They are in Oberon and Titania’s forest; the forest is alive, sparkling, with fireflies.

Music and song, dance and joy; down a path of rock and soil and glistening crystal speckles. And I hear it, Oberon’s song, singing, “Come, Titania, and welcome home.”

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