Dream: Approximately Summer 1994.

I was age seven when I dreamed of what I assumed was Egypt. There were pyramids, so this wouldn’t be the earliest period of Egyptian history. If it was Egypt at all. I use terms reserved for Ancient Egypt discussion because I first spoke of this dream to my grade five teacher.

Me cloaked in black, a casket thingy being held and carried by others. Included in this procession were three in front, four in the back. I was kept to the rear with guards encircling me. They kept close watch though apprehensive about being too close to me.

Walking through sands into an oasis. Crossed a black-red stream, but I had to pass it first, then would the others follow. More sand. Was put with the rear guard again. I was the only female and the only one concealed in black. Approaching the pyramid, men in translucent white clothing and decorated with gold so bright in the Sun that it could hurt your eyes.

We came near to a new pharaoh, standing with the high priest. The priest was the elder of the pair, but still young. The pharaoh wasn’t wearing a headdress, but the priest’s head was veiled.

We pause before the mouth of the pyramid, there was a red circle filled with blood. The pharaoh muttering something. Brought into focus, I turned to look at him. He was smiling at me, a smile that was unsettling. The priest spoke in his ear. I couldn’t hear their exchange. I saw an eye shaped symbol.

My grade five teacher asked me to draw this symbol, and she identified it as the Eye of Horus. “Where have you seen this before?” she asked, and I told her of this dream from age seven.

The casket was carried inside and I was about to follow. I was making my way to the filled red circle, wanting to reach it, but the priest grabbed my arm and pulled me back, and the touch burned him because of my wrath. I had to reach that circle, I recall that much.

The pharaoh found the whole thing amusing, coming towards me. Fear and panic seized me, and I didn’t enter the pyramid to rejoin the procession. I turned and fled into the deep desert, hearing baying and the sounds of animals in pursuit. My clothes were heavy, weighing me down. I ran onwards until I forced myself to jump out of the dream.

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