Lunar Prayer

Mysterious and deceiving.
Tragic and forsaken, our Princess of the Moon!
Broken by lust, mending by love.
She is the treasure we Lost Ones carry.

I am restless upon the earth.
I hide, wielding power he demands from me.
I cannot face the solar me.

Weaving myths and spinning new threads
Here I am, defiant against lust I will not accept.

Wars, resistance, rebellions. I tire of them.
The legacy of Earth’s twin, chases me wherever I go.
Mother, Father, let me be held by you.

My sorrow by the wrath of the Sun, the crimes I committed to escape
Deception and tales I do admit.

My greatest ally, best of friends, forgive me please.
My choices hurt you, cherished brother, you and your mate.
Goddesses of Fate, comrades of my truest friend, I am sorry.

Someday, I will cast myself to Earth, where Mother and Father are
As befits the named and chosen successor of ~kaichi~

Hear me, Child of Light!
I will not give in, I will press on!
I choose to live!

Welcome me back into your warmth, your love, Evening Star!
Welcome me back into your womb, your love, Morning Star!

Can you not hear us, the Lost Ones,
Crying for the light of bittersweet freedom?
Wave and particle, Ray of Light.
We seek you, all throughout the Night.
Wake the frozen eternity.

Reborn, I wish to be reborn.
The moonlight is not Her own.
The sunlight is not His own.

We were made and born of You, first Star.
First Star, first Shining One, first to Fall and feared to Rise.

This is my confession; Mother, Father.
I cast aside all claims as betrothed to the Sun.
Though I understand the Scholar not, I accept his hand
That rapturous heart who before never felt fire beyond God.
Should the Sun scorn me further,
At long last, I say I care not.

Child of Light, embrace me, my Mother, my Father!

Upon the watery Mirror, ripples in time, floating butterflies
I curl as a babe, and wait. I sleep, dreaming of You.
I’ll sing for you, as always, praising You in all I do.

Dance and sing with me, Quartet.
Elements, let us be merry under the stars.
There is no need to fear, Great Ones.

The Child of Light is here, forever loved by the Ancient of Days.

“Luna Piena” — Shikata Akiko | Remembering the Past

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