Frozen, Take Flight

Year in Review 2016

What is destiny and what is fate?
One is a choice, one is thrust upon you.
One rests on hope, one sinks into despair.
Not all is in here, out there.

Part Three: Frozen, Take Flight

Been wanting to share some photographs from October-December 2016. All of these were placed into a scrapbook, so they’re shots of shots. Whee.

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  1. Oktoberfest: Stuck my face in some random hole, got silly picture.
  2. Kitchener has a fascination with Disney’s Snow White. I might’ve asked Andrei about that, but I was having a moment of incredulity so it probably escaped me.
  3. Can you spot Kari? I’ll give you a hint: Use the guy in red as a reference point.
  4. Apparently Andrei was trying to grab my attention so I’d look up, but I was too absorbed in making sure I was legally permitted to walk on to the platform.
  5. Yay! Nine years later, and I earned my undergraduate degree!!!
  6. Joe calls this a ‘photobomb.’ He refers to the random man who somehow was included in this shot.
  7. Laurier gave us, the newly minted graduates, CAKE. CAAAAAAAKE.
  8. First time I earned Dean’s List. I won it again during my final year, but the Faculty of Science hadn’t posted the plaque yet. ^^;
  9. I have a fascination with pumpkins. Childhood thing.
  10. Sassing the Santa, oh yes.
  11. Hey, that Santa was menacing with waving presents around. Of course I’d threaten him right back. 😉
  12. Christkindl: A few displays of town development were set up, and I thought they were cutely fascinating.
  13. I don’t recall what was so amusing. Could be shyness with the sheer amount of photos that Andrei insisted on taking. At one point during that date, I recall saying to myself, “I hear one more person cooing at how cute we are as a couple, I want to find a burrow. NAO.” Of course, right on cue, a woman with a newborn baby echoed her sentiments and insisted on taking a picture of us. Bwahaha.
  14. Not sure what the deal is with this sculpture thingy, but I did the obligatory photo.
  15. That tree was decorated with handcrafted angel ornaments, personalized for the recipient.
  16. My Christkindl loot was this handmade bunny plushie. SQUEE!!
  17. I see this shot and my mind defaults to “Oooh, shiny.”
  18. Victoria Park, lit up for Christkindl. Evidently that doesn’t stop a determined man with a phone camera.

I wish to thank the folks who cheered loudly for me when I received my degree at Fall 2016 Convocation. I don’t know who you are. My cohort was long gone. I was surrounded by strangers.

With all my gratitude, this girl who would’ve graduated five years ago if she wasn’t constantly dealing with various health issues. Your raised voices in that brief moment helped me to appreciate nine years of struggle, loss, and trauma. Thank you, Golden Hawks whose names I don’t know.


  • “Frozen” by Madonna
  • “Take Flight” by Lindsey Stirling