I do love to toss in different kinds of posts on Merlight to stir my regular offerings a bit. ;D

Swan: During a date with Andrei at Victoria Park, this gorgeous large bird was making itself known as we crossed a bridge. Photograph by me. I think I went too heavy handed with cropping the original shot.

Bathroom philosophy: The small wonders one may find in a Laurier bathroom stall; photograph by me.

Big Black Bird: It’s been over two years that crows and ravens decide to hang out with me; photograph by me.

Master and awkward servant: Problem – You’re terrified of incurring your lord’s wrath. That look on his face spells trouble. Solution – Didn’t his mate instruct you to leave a message for him? Looks like you’re enrolled into Operation Find That Lady. Made by me with RinmaruGames.com

Letter from me to you: I took my piece from this post and made a picture from an Aikatsu Stars screenshot.

Lord of the Geese: While waiting on Andrei to finish from a class, I had to sit next to this terror. Look at it. Then look at it some more. Doesn’t anyone agree with me that those UW students are odd? ;P Someone write a parody of Lord of the Flies and let me know. Seriously, look at that gigantic plush goose. No wonder I had trouble sleeping that night. Just kidding. Maybe. 😉 Photograph by me.

In Your Reflection: During one psychiatric hospitalization, I met this amazing and vibrant artist named Tatiana as a ward-mate, but she preferred Tanya. When we were discharged, she drew this for me. I remember her saying, “I hope to see you dance with fireflies once again.”

Karibun: Born a Yin Fire Rabbit, under a full Rabbit/Hare Moon, given a rabbit diaper pin from Princes Town General Hospital upon birth, and many folks identify Rabbit as my spirit animal. A chance encounter and heartfelt talks with Amy Miller, who continues the fight against injustice towards Aboriginal women onward from the loss of her daughter, encouraged me as Rabbit. So here I am. A bunny girl. Always bunny girl. Made with RinmaruGames.com

Been listening to Nightwish’s “Élan.” Here’s something funny about it – one of the lines of lyrics are often transcribed as “Raise the blind.” When you check Nightwish’s website, they recorded that line as “Race the blind.” Interesting. Puts a whole other spin when a single word is changed, eh?

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