Night before the Winter Solstice

Originally recorded December 22nd, 2016.
Event occurred December 20th, 2016.

In response to oracle card “Zanna” of Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue. Was doing a self-healing reading. This card’s position signified, “What I’m still learning.”

Impromptu ritual marriage? I was talking about my ceremonial induction as a first degree Wiccan priestess under Alicia, that there were “three keys” I had to reclaim. I’d done the required studies and training, but as a first degree priestess, I was still severely lacking in self-knowledge.

Andrei, with input from myself, found the latter two of the three keys.

Me: I am the Priestess of the Forest, and I’ve been calling for you, Master of Ravens.

That triggered something in me. I was alert and within my body, not overheated, and I could sense a shift in my bedroom on an energetic level. I didn’t know what I was doing, I allowed my body to flow. Kissed his feet, knees, three places in his groin area, belly, centre of chest, throat, forehead, brushed his lips then pulled back as if waiting for a signal of permission.

It felt very ritualistic, even reverent. Had a sense of a circle cast around us, encompassing. I felt safe. Not pressured, coerced, or influenced. Safe, warm, secure, trusting. A sense of potency on an energy level, several even.

Me: I don’t know what I’m doing, why or how.
Him: Marriage.

He would utter that word twice more over the two hours. Each time elicited a charged and comforting heat from the base of my spine upwards, more intense than the last.

He pulled me to him.

Me: Something about a sword and chalice being joined.

Soft, slow, taking our time. A stark antonym to our previous tryst, which had not been too long before. We were already resting from that, the peaceful silence broken by discussion of Alicia’s upcoming engagement party in January 2017 – of particular interest was the Pagan influences of her planned ceremony. Then, amongst gentle caresses, I heard Liki’ansah’s voice.

Luke: Will you consummate in sacred space?

Our movements changed like a switch. Cool day breezes became fierce, hot night winds. Yet that sense of reverence and ritual remained, felt like something timeless. Ancient. Despite all those, the most powerful feeling was surrender. I felt protected by him and this familiar unknown act.

Two hours later, Andrei gathered me up in his arms, asking me, “How are you feeling?” I was exhausted, at peace, my eyes could barely open. The walls of the circle were disintegrating, crumbling.

I managed a smile and mumbled, “Happy,” in reply.

Upon receiving his kiss to my forehead and being snuggled into his body’s warmth, I didn’t stir again for some time, completely at ease. The circle reopened upon my awakening, and I was energized for a round of Force of Will.

January 2nd, 2017.

I stumbled upon an artwork that captured this moment, and all I did was search for fanart of Yume Nijino of Aikatsu Stars! The work had no reference to AiStars, it looked like a forest priestess and a raven master as a couple. Good job with the random images, Google. 😉 Since I can’t identify the artist or link to its source for proper crediting, I’ll not repost the artwork on Merlight.

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