The Stalker Song

When I first heard The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” I remember thinking, this isn’t a cheesy romantic song. It’s the Stalker Song. Nobody agreed with me. I spoke about this to Q4, and Turtle in particular grinned cheerily at me. He invited me to UW’s End of Term Spring 2016 Concert, so I hopped on a bus to that insanely large campus with Andrei. I eagerly anticipated my first attendance to an a cappella concert and tried to not think about being in enemy territory at night accompanied by one of the enemy. I was not disappointed.

Oh. My. GOD.


Photograph of Ryan Huan Le by UWACC; 2016. Permission to repost granted to me by the subject.

That’s our Turtle! SQUEE!

Please, click here for the performance by the Musical InterDudes. Yes, that is a link to the recording on their YouTube channel.

I actually screamed my approval during the show for the ending. I’m not the only one who interpreted that song this way! YAY!

Slay, UW boys, slay.

Also, Ryan, please forgive me for not including the accents on your name. This editor is giving me trouble including accents in captions for images.

Come to think of it, that was the night that I ended up at Andrei’s place for the first time and there was no way I could have continued to be utterly ignorant of his pursuit.

“Stalker Song,” indeed. 😛