Old memories

Originally sent to Michelle Gordon on December 26th, 2016.

Got around to finishing The Earth Angel Training Academy, and then I felt drawn into The Elphite. Not sure – perhaps Velvet’s lamentations of losing time with Laguz had me wonder if her tale could relate to Ellie based on finishing Velvet’s first entry and a visual teaser of Ellie’s story. They do, for me, after completing both. Not exactly at first – Ellie is fixated on her past and trying to change fate by avoiding Luke, whereas Velvet longs for Laguz and is fixated on her present. Both gave into their fears of never reuniting with their soul mates, merely took two different paths on a surface level skim. Both were content to remain as they were, just different temporal foci.

Although, if we are to incorporate the lessons taught by Mrs M (ha, I’ve even forgotten the psychic’s surname) and Magenta – both are Seeresses/psychics – Velvet and Ellie, to me, are different expressions of the same core person. I could easily assign “Old Soul” to Ellie and “Elphite” to Velvet. Even the final twists in both novels are eerily similar in symbolic meaning. I love finding interconnections in an individual writer’s works, it’s like peering into Michelle Gordon’s reservoir of collective memory.

I’d say one of my favourite ties between both novels is the relativity of presence. In one, focus on the present moment is the key to remembering who we are and preparing for a future. In the other, the present is sought as the key to a future unprepared for. The present isn’t absolute – both novels could argue that the present is illusory, that ever elusive chimera darting like shadows in time, fading in and out of the light. We’re often told to focus on the present, it being the only reality … and yet it too, is a created perception.

Yes, I’ll get around to the second post for my Year in Review. As a character in some work I read would say, “Patience is a virtue! Hesitation is a sin.” ;D

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