For my ANGEL THERAPY® family

Quoted from a message I addressed to a fellow ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, edited for clarity and identity protection. Not just a note of encouragement for newly certified folks, but also for those who have built experience.

Original message posted January 11th, 2017, in the official private ANGEL THERAPY® forums.

The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue has some great ideas to get you started and continue to nudge you along. 😉

My biggest recommendation? Networking. Build up your presence, connect with other folks who are new/experienced/ongoing/leaving. What’s important, in my opinion, is to be in community. Benefits include being noticed, access to resources, consultations with others who may have different ways of doing this work, and so on. We’re like a big spiritual family, not trying to outdo each other. Connection keeps us coherent, grounded, and able to grow with a sense of home.

Second: Specialties. Figuring out and concentrating your ‘selling points’ as a lightworker draws attention. Yes, there are people who are able to juggle the many roles a lightworker can be called for, but I noticed that seekers tend to search out someone who appeals to them on some level(s), whether they’re aware of this behaviour pattern or not. This isn’t to say you can’t build your skill set and do anything and everything you’d love to bring to the table, not at all.

When I go to New Age/psychic fairs, I won’t request a random person. Same with online/offline businesses. If the lightworker has something to offer that I specifically need, I’m more willing to step into a client role. It’s not too likely that one person can accommodate the needs of everyone without a high degree of self-care. Possible burnout is an issue with any job or career. And please, you’re human too, feel free to flow and move and change and do as you will if you strongly believe you are serving your highest good, because as we’ve learned, walking the talk is the biggest and brightest beacon we can offer to all.

Case in point: Doreen. She’s related to us how 25+ years of travelling, promotional work and in-person teaching helped her to realize that she too, needed to walk her talk. “A lifelong sabbatical,” is how she described the next part of her chosen path.

I’ll share a wee bit of my story to emphasize the above. I did ATP® with the intention of self-healing, had to fundraise to pay for the course. Doing the exercises with partners showed my financial supporters that I wanted to incorporate this work into my life. One person insisted I take my experiences and open up about them. Some insisted I focus on ATP® for a paid, self-employed career, but for me, it’s a way to be teacher and student simultaneously.

I started a blog (Merlight) after closing my previous two attempts at an online business (Angelic Zenith; Remember Feathers), turning my focus towards my university education while musing about my life with a very specific paradigm that is subject to change. I made wonderful bonds with others because of ATP®. For me the point is the enrichment of my life. When all goes dark, I still have this to give me a little spark of hope again. I have yet to take on paying clients, I’ve been teaching and guiding as folks drift in and out of my view. I’m satisfied the way it’s been going.

Would I like extra income and being able to afford reaching out? Of course! For now, I know all is well, perhaps one day I can be a full-time ATP®, perhaps not. My journey is more important to me than my destination. Everything that’s happened and happening are more lessons to learn and teach.

Nutshell? Trust. Trust yourself, trust your companions – whatever forms they take. It’s something we’re taught, being open to whatever comes our way is somehow part of a plan that we can’t see the entirety of just yet. A little light for the next steps, and to keep moving as we journey along.

Best wishes for you, and all you touch with your love and your light. You are you, shine the way you do.

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