My faint star

I’d like you to meet the inspiration behind Meissa, the protagonist of my current work in progress, Luminarist. These are my favourite shots of Meissa, my Mercu Pullip. I’d gotten this gorgeous girl from my first Anime North convention in Toronto, after saving and being sneaky – family thought I was childish for having a doll in my teenage years. She’s in Brampton, unless Mother tossed her out. Oh well, I managed to find some of my favourite photographs archived around the Internet under several of my pseudonyms.

All of these are originals by me, some were included in a grade 12 English project for a reflection paper, featuring the character Liesl from Robertson Davies’ Fifth BusinessPersonae of an Anima had other shots, but I can’t find those right now. Meissa’s outfits were lent to me by April for the project.

I’m your faint star, you can wish upon me.

I’m awake because there’s heavy machinery moving snow. Whee. x_X

Cast a pebble

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