Sugar, spice, and everything nice

To venture into some shallower waters on Merlight, I thought it’d be fun to post some recent, amusing (in my opinion) tidbits. This is a personal blog, after all. 😉 This does include a photograph of me if you keep reading.

Me: I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT LIFE ALTERING QUESTION. I overheard roomie watching Friends, and thought it’d be fun to ask you. So some chick asked the Matt LeBlanc dude, “So Joey, food or sex?”

Andrei: Why not both? 😛

Me: No, that’s cheating. 😛

Andrei: Can they be at the same time then? 😛

[ensue chirping crickets]

Photograph of Kariel Tejai by Mirko Petricevic of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary; September 2016. Permission granted for me to download and post on to Merlight.

Me: LOL Seminary photographer caught my epic fail on camera…rip me ^^;

Andrei: Still looking cute and fluffy though 😛 ❤

Rikku: Yep still cute and fluffy 😀

Turtle: Huh, did she fall asleep?

Andrei: Hey, bae?

Me: [asleep yet aware, dreaming of snuggling a bunch of rabbits] SQUEE!

Both Men: Squee?

Turtle: Is she dreaming?

Andrei: She has vivid dreams, she’s likely an expressive sleeper at times. Probably surrounded by rabbits right now.

Both Men: /watch me for a few seconds, shrug, and return to their Force of Will deck design playtesting

And there you have it! Some fun things to lighten up today.

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