Just a post of fun, silly things. ūüėČ

Upper left: Kyriel loves memes. Inspired by Teacher’s snarky comment directed at me. Seriously, that woman is a righteous terror. Have you¬†seen her eyes when she discovers another resource for memes?! IT’S A CONSPIRACY. Created by me with
Upper right: Titania as a Hallowe’en themed magical girl. Dang it, Oberon, I was trying to pull off a cute look. Made by me with
Middle left: Hikaru, my torchic (Pokémon). Precious birb, precious baby. Namesake for Hikaru the eternal strawberry. Mommy loves you. Kekeke. Drawn by Dilraj Gahunia.
Middle¬†right: Sanyu Akasha, an original character I created for a RP. She’s classy but won’t hesitate to poke fun. Drawn by Dilraj Gahunia.
Lower left:¬†Brilliant. “The Lan Before Time.” I¬†feel¬†old – that’s a late 80s reference! Cropped screenshot by me, edited by me.
Lower right:¬†Alfred, Terrorist Goose of Laurier. Apparently he’s an inside joke with the older student body. Newbies haven’t heard of him. Scary thought! Made by me with a stock photograph.

When I have too much time on my hands to poke fun at overlay, this is one of the products of my mind jumping at chances for a laugh.

Presenting … Hikaru’s Archetypal Quest of a Thousand Names, including:

  • Man’s Journey to Surpass Fruit
  • Transcending the Fruit Paradigm
  • The Essential Existential Question: Is Man More Than Fruit

Hikaru: I have fuzz on my face! I cannot be a fruit!
Me:¬†Talk to the kiwi, baby. ūüėČ

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