I’m aware that this post may ruffle some feathers. However, do remember this is MY opinion, and I’m entitled to my observations and interpretations. I provide these in this post, but nowhere am I forcing this down anyone’s throats nor do I insist that my perception is the sole truth. I’m speaking as someone who has personally experienced the system from “gifted,” “challenged,” and “ordinary” lenses.

It’s a ripple in time, and all children eventually are confronted with the world and must grow up.

Conversation with Alicia on September 8th, 2016 // Conversation with Andrei on September 4th, 2016.

@Alicia: ….sigh. And people don’t see what the standardized system does to children. Not even the ones who are visibly affected, but all of them.

@Alicia/Andrei: Developmental Psychology is across the lifespan, but no matter what I did, I always ended up with professors who specialized with the younger generation. Hated it. I was like, ugh, kids. But then my cousin and two nephews happened. And across my life, I always bonded best to children of that demographic. So to get to the point … that demographic. Do you know why they are drawn to those people? Why they are the way they are?

Ever more across the years, education becomes more forceful, more insistent on your future being mapped out. Children are handpicked and groomed according to their parents’ whims, and whatever the school board chooses to do with them. Not only the “gifted” but the “challenged” as well. Already is a course set out for children the moment their parents choose their first institution.

By the time children reach that demographic, they are tired. High school looms before their eyes. The real world stands nearby. Adolescence is both dreaded and embraced. Groomed and selected and programmed from early years….they have lost their sense of identity, their original selves. In the age of being forced to grow up, to know their path, to not being permitted to explore, they’re locked in.

At that demographic, they learn to cast aside childhood fantasies and dreams. Innocence and wonder are gone, taken from them the moment they are institutionalized. No matter how benign the system looks from the outside, it’s all a training paradigm.

So that demographic is where they remember, but are aware that they must finally surrender. The breaking of children from their early years, is a tragedy to behold. And yet in the name of civilized society, we push for progress. Progress into mechanization.