Into the Deep

You brought me to the beach, you wore a silver head-piece – not quite a crown, but more elaborate than the Timekeeper’s circlet. Then you stepped into the water, and I heard a sound like the ocean was singing. The Sun was setting, and stars were starting to come out. I didn’t follow until you extended your right hand to me. I took it and was nervous as we went further in, and was completely submerged. I started to panic, feeling the cooled water all around me, and you used your finger to open my mouth. I gasped but realized I could still breathe.

Kept going deeper, I noticed that we were changing. My hair went a lighter brown with some red and I wore white. Lavender wings extended but it was easier to move through the water. Your hair went black and you had two different eyes, one orange and one midnight blue.

Deeper and darker became the water, then I noticed a shimmer – orange-gold around you, rainbow around me. Then a light, gold in colour, appeared beneath us at some point. We went through, and there was a gorgeous garden. Walked through, came up to a stony pathway. I had a feeling that this was familiar.

Kept going, there was a flash, in front of us was a circular temple constructed in white marble. I was in shock, it was so familiar. Everything was there. The crimson flowers by a pocket of lava, the meandering brook, the various crystals decorating the earth, and a gallery of wind chimes. The temple itself still had the flight of stairs leading to the sky.

I turned to look at you, we’d changed again. We had white hair now, your hairstyle different – a lengthy half bun. No orange eye, both were that dark blue. Instead of dark blue wings, you had sparkling aqua.

The temple itself was bathed in rainbow light, and my wings went translucent. I touched my head, my hair long and free, there was a head-piece there too. I asked if we could go inside. Went in, and it was like the entire place was renovated but still true to my design. Paintings, rugs, decorative pieces, crystals … and pretty birds soaring through the halls.

I asked what happened, you said it was a gift. I asked what for, and you touched the head-pieces on both of us. Yours turned into a full-out crown – it’s so elaborate, I don’t think I can draw it. You smiled and didn’t answer beyond that.

I made a move to go up the steps but you hold me back, saying I wasn’t quite ready at this moment for that, but it led to a place where I could “dance with rainbows.” Then, you said it was time to go for now, and I followed you.

— May 31st, 2016.

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