Paradigm Hidden in Plain Sight

Compiled thoughts from August 13th, 2016.

Why should a person, any person, be confined to one mode of thought? Whichever you believe in does not define you as a thinker, it is simply a viewpoint.

Focused too much on results and not the environment that birthed those results. Context. Recall the importance of context. And context is far too complicated to reduce to “environment” and “behaviour.”

Words can only tell so much. And while immersion helps, you fail as a critical learner if you absolutely must be immersed to understand context.

Not all of us should be leaders. Despite the push in Western culture, not all of us have the resources and faculties to pull off such a role. A leader is a representative, taking on the success or failure of the group.

You’re thinking context means you need to be in their shoes to “get it” and I’m saying no, you don’t. Critical thinkers cannot go back in time to understand history…so they employ other methods.

This is a fundamental problem of how sciences are taught in academic settings.

That flies in the face of what it truly means to be a critical thinker. Already the exam is tossed aside.

You can research all you want, test all you want, isolate the variables and even dig for the root cause…but still, the answers will always be out of your grasp with such narrow thinking. The ones fresh in their years do not understand critical thinking.

If you continue to live in that shielded world, the ivory tower, you will never understand.

I didn’t say that the senses are not to be trusted. You come into the world with your senses. You are supposed to trust them. And this goes beyond intuition. It’s nonsense because look at that word carefully. Nonsense. Non-sense.

Do not detach. You are not an observer. You cannot separate your influence from the experiment, no matter what you do. It’s more than bias. Then again, people always fight the paradigm shift.

The term “quantum leap” has been horribly distorted as well.

A paradigm is a fancy word for a framework. FRAMEwork. A box. It is the task of the critical thinker to transcend paradigms, to see them all in context, and help the changes. Revolutions in scientific thinking are ignited by them. And yet despite the revolution, it is a revolution. Circular. Cyclical. One paradigm gives way to another, and we begin all over again.

At no point in human history have we broken the chain that loops round and round.

It is a deep dark secret that few recognize, and fewer understand. The fewest actually try to do something about it.

The need for self-validation is so powerful, more than the lesson being given.

You notice the behaviour. But you don’t understand the cause. You see effect but not cause. And even if you see the cause, you forget the importance of context.

You only validate what is good and well for your self-concept. But what of the rest of you? The you kept restrained and hidden?

Every dream is worthy. All have symbolism important for you. A nightmare is a dream. It’s just as valid.

A void isn’t simply a vacuum. It isn’t just nothingness. There is meaning.

Avoiding what is hidden in plain sight.