Mists in the Sky

You said, “The sky is weeping.”
A dream of God is merely that, a dream.
Try as I might, my tears bear witness.

I don’t know who you are anymore.

A familiar face, a familiar touch
Everything should be all right.
Yet in my heart I know
We’ve both changed.

God willed for the sea and sky to be divided.
To bear life, for me to live
You were taken from me.
And still I cling to my memories.

Living in the past serves no one
Kirinedra,” you sigh
How I longed to hear you say that to me.
Aureli,” I cry.

It’s wrong.

We rise and fall, just like the olden days
I wonder if we merely roleplay.

The you I loved, the you who loved me
“Call me not by that name, think of that person no longer.”

I can’t see you.
I don’t know if I should trust you.

Are we actors now, playing our personae?
Our world is gone.
This is the new stage now.
I am more than who I used to be
And still I cling to my memories.

The sky is weeping
For the ocean should not reach for her

This ancient bond
I hesitate to call it ‘love’
We play our roles.

Our characters are fierce with their feelings
We as the actors are detached.
I realize that you are no longer the one I loved
It breaks me.

For the memory of you
Our shared dream
The story that we were in

It remains as the frozen eternity
The dust settles on the worlds we called our own
Everyone moves on.

The night sky said to me,
“You are permitted to grow and change.”

The Dream of God is gone
And it must be with my attachments to the you I used to know.

If the night sky is clouded
We cannot see the stars.

kirinedra: beloved; treasure | aureli: golden one | Genesis, Hebrew Scriptures

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  1. But it is there, the stars. Or is it not? My queen, even though he has changed and may not be the one you love anymore, he is still there. Just hidden and needs to be uncovered in a different way. The veil of the mists should not hinder you for it shall not there forever. Find him and love him again, no matter how different that love is again. He still cares about you, just in a different way.


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