Hello, world!

Well, hello there! I’m a psychology major with a specialty in research, and am entering graduate theology studies. Some balked at me for this change, but really, it’s not as far off as you may think. Psychology began as philosophy, its child if we want to get sentimental. Sentimentality isn’t always a bad thing, has its time and place. You are aware that psychology’s root word, psyche, meant ‘soul,’ yes?

There’s a reason why I love the myth of Eros and Psyche. I interpret it as an allegory of the soul’s pathway back to God. You could say that my class with a now retired professor, History of Psychology, changed my track from clinical psychology to a theologically based career.

After many upheavals and transitions, I choose to be Christian, in particular as a rainbow hued one. I’m not going to argue my case, as many others are fighting that battle far more eloquently than I ever could.

This blog, Merlight, is meant to share my journey of my faith. I’m sharing, not aiming to convince or convert. As such, I ask that my path be respected in its idiosyncrasy just as I’m asked to respect yours. I’ll be speaking of angels, fandom, trading card games, spirituality, mental health, and a host of other things. This may appear to be a menagerie, but there is a a commonality that unites it all.

That basis is me and my relationship with Jesus.

I’ve no answers or thoughts that can satisfy everyone, yet isn’t that a point of discourse? Sharing and learning from others’ experiences and gained knowledge is a service, not a burden.

I look forward to travelling in your peripheral view.